Staff Augmentation


IT personnel is in high demand, and for good reasons. A skilled IT staff ensures an agile, strong IT infrastructure which not only directly increases overall productivity but also provides businesses with advanced insights to grow. DM Labs is a leading provider of not only highly skilled, but creative IT talent and has earned a reputation of providing top candidates at competitive market rates. DM Labs can provide your business with contract, contract to hire, project contractor and permanent employees.

Contract: A contract position is a position that is not permanent and has a specific time frame attached to it in order to complete a task or project. This allows for the client to maintain peak productivity with lesser investments. This position is temporary and often times used to cover a permanent employee’s leave of absence or an unexpected emergency staffing need.

Contract to Hire: A contract to hire position is ideal when the employer is seeking a full time employee, but does not want to commit permanently up front. This position offers a longer evaluation period to review the candidate’s skills, performance and fit in the work environment. During the contract to hire period, the employee is considered to be working for the staffing firm and paid by them as well. Once the contracted time frame has been met, it is up to the employer to decide if they will take the contract to hire person permanently.

Project Contractor: A project contractor is not a permanent employee, but a specialist or an entity contracted to execute a project “as and when” required for a definite period of time. A project contractor is hired to create and implement project designs and to procure materials and equipment as needed to undertake medium and large projects. Project contractors come in handy when a company does not have the expertise and capacity to undertake a project in-house and needs someone to oversee their work. More often, a project contractor is hired out to a company and managed by the staffing company.

Permanent: A permanent position is a “direct hire” position and is usually a full time position with company benefits. A permanent position is when the company utilizes the staffing company to find the right talented individual and hires them directly. A candidate offered a permanent position is not an employee of the staffing company. They are employed by the client company.


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