Project Types


Our company is a specialized IT services provider and we will readily address any issues related to your technological and business process needs.

Epic Digital Consultancy offers a wide range of project services and some of the most common project types that we implement are:

New Application Development We develop various software, e-commerce, mobile and web-based applications with the help of numerous technological languages and tools, such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails and C#.

Enhancement to Existing Applications – We provide cutting-edge enhancements to existing applications in order to optimally improve their functions and operations

New Look and Redesign – Our company can re-design the visual interface of your web/software product to make it more appealing and user-friendly for your clients.

User Experience EnhancementsWe strive to enhance and modify your product’s informational architecture, navigation processes and general features to improve the overall user experience associated with it

Content Management Implementation – We would help you resolve your content management issues, and will install and configure Web Content Management Systems for the smoother operation of your information/data processes.

Dashboards and Analytics – We offer various solutions for data-management tools whose goal is to optimize and facilitate your business processes.

Business Process Optimization – We have the expertise to evaluate the existing business processes at your company/organization and propose areas and solutions for improvement and optimization.

Integration & APIs – We will provide you with choices to integrate APIs for the facilitation of your technological processes.

We will cooperate with you for the delivery of effective and satisfactory results, and will try to produce a visually appealing and highly functional product.