Project Management


Project Management (PM) solutions are based on mature methodologies and the best practices for business. These best practices reduce project costs and projects are completed successfully, on-time and within budget constraints. Our enterprise-wide SEI SW-CMM assessment further validates our ability to improve the performance of individual IT projects and project staff. Creating a Project Office is one of the most powerful and beneficial steps your organization can take to integrate the processes and tools that enable organizations to work at peak performance. A Project Office is a permanent office responsible for raising the bar of success on projects and programs as well as fostering and mentoring best project management practices enterprise wide. Within a Project Office, programs such as Project Health Check are implemented to evaluate the overall health of a project. This helps project’s fast track back to health if necessary. It checks for customer satisfaction, provides direction and suggestions for improvement, and executes solutions for project recovery and/or rescue, providing reduction of risk.

Project Consulting provides the needed resources to complete a challenging program or project when you might lack a project or program manager with the experience to successfully accomplish it. Our PM solutions also utilize Maturity Assessment which assesses project management methodologies, analyzes its practices and addresses areas that need improvement.