Mobile Development


DM Labs builds engaging, effective and dynamic mobile apps that either stand alone or draw content from your website into an optimized, streamlined enjoyable experience for your customers and staff on the go.

We know that no two businesses are alike, so during our first meeting we will brainstorm with you and get a better understanding of your specific wants and needs. With this knowledge we will then begin to create wireframes and sketches of each individual page of your app. From there, we work closely with you to create an eye-catching, intuitive app that delivers your message directly and conveniently to your customers allowing them to engage with your app and provide feedback.

Our app developers

As dedicated mobile enthusiasts, our app developers understand the mobile landscape and have developed a solid understanding of both the IOS and Android SDKs. Their love for mobile devices drives their passion for a rich design, look and feel, taking into consideration key factors such as compact screen size and touch screen.

App development for different sectors

More and more, businesses are aware of the potential for iPhone and Android applications to assist staff, for example; by streamlining their data entry or lead generation steps making it possible for staff in the field to work more effectively. We develop apps for business to business (B2B) use, including the scientific and actuarial sectors giving us the know-how and experience in integrating apps with your existing back office systems.

Other applications we develop are more consumer driven, involving social media, video and/or e-commerce. These practices help consumers find, share, buy or distribute your content easily, both socially and geographically. These apps often times use the latest development techniques and focuses on creating rich interfaces that are both eye-catching and intuitive.

Cross-platform apps

Whether you’re interested in development for iPhone and iPad, or Android, or both, DM Labs can deliver the solution to meet your needs. Our mobile app developers are experts in both platforms, so we’ll have all bases covered.