Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence (BI) helps companies identify trends and patterns, and gives insight in performance, sales, finance, manufacturing, customer behavior, and financial data. Coupled with dashboards that display KPI’s and other metrics in real time, BI empowers companies create strong strategies and make the right decisions at the right time.

Powerful BI requires a sound software architecture and advanced processing, mining, storage and preservation of data.

Good BI solutions are…

  • agile, giving insight in metrics both in real time and periodically.
  • comprehensive, using KPIs as well as data mining to discover hidden patterns and trends.
  • scalable, designed to provide a solid foundation for expansion in the future.
  • easy, intuitively designed so little time has to be spent on training employees how to use it.
  • customized for a company’s goals and objectives, both short and long term.


We offer clients innovative ideas and a solid BI plan that suits your unique industry and business goals. We ensure a smooth transition from your current plan into a new BI solution and look at the big picture, emphasizing enterprise level data warehouses so your BI solution has the capabilities you require for the long run.