Analytics are an integral part of Business Intelligence and comprises the collection, analysis and reporting of data to inform your business of trends, patterns and exceptional activity. This data enables intelligent performance management, fact-based decisions both on the everyday and strategic level, and strong forecasting. On top of that dashboards allow for real-time insights and alerts, enabling immediate response and preventing problem escalation.

Good analytical systems are…

  • agile, processing and displaying data in real-time.

  • easy, intuitively designed so metrics can be viewed and understood a at a glance

  • customizable, adaptable for different departments and purposes.

  • comprehensive, so investigations can be done into specific data sets

  • accurate, using the right mathematical manipulations

  • smart, discovering patterns and trends between unrelated data

  • reliable, ensuring consistent top performance without downtime and lags.

DM Labs analytics consultations consist of:

Business Activity Monitoring:

Business Activity Monitoring brings Business Performance Management and business intelligence into real time. It’s the aggregation, analysis, and presentation of real-time information regarding any digitally recorded business activity for management level staff.

Metrics and Dashboards:

Dashboards offer simple, organized, at-a-glance views of KPIs customizable for specific goals and departments. It also features alerts when issues are identified and automated corrective actions like mass emails.

Data Mining & Discovery:

Structured, goal oriented analysis like in Business Activity Monitoring and dashboards uses aggregated data with mathematical manipulations, and can miss interesting and alarming outliers. Data mining and discovery comprises the exploration of unstructured and possibly unrelated data to discover hidden patterns, trends, outliers and relationships.


At DM Labs we design solutions for business insight through innovative, cutting edge enterprise analytics. Our creative analytics specialists understand the practices, techniques, and solutions that can be applied to business and use their skill and experience to conduct comprehensive consultations.